Virtual Tourist – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 2/19/17

Ugh! Missed posting since I was at ConDFW last weekend and this time it was due to a 14 hour day at work! Boo. Hiss! Hiss!


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Magic shop! A cool place and also has vital info for one of the sewer adventures. 😛

Here’s a pic of the inside. Notice the magic fortune machine to the right.

The shop owner and former hypnotist.

Entrance to one of the subways. See how it’s a credit card ad? Hee!

Kidnapped and imprisoned paper forger. If you look closely at her shoulder, you’ll see she’s wearing plastic see through sleeves!

You can see them even better here. Almost looks like a mirage. 😛

Statue sitting outside one of the other subway stations. Love the clock tower!

Love that poster! lol. And the super modern look of this station.

This view is looking back at the station from the outside. Better view of the statue too!

No, he’s not dead. Couldn’t figure out a way to talk to him, though, so had to knock him out. The guy on the floor is the master brainwasher of the sewer cult.

Hope your Sunday is peaceful and fruitful!

Virtual Tourist – The Testament of Sherlock Holmes 2/5/17


Touring an older game today – The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. I’d played the game after this one a year or two ago, so when it’s predecessor came up on super sale on Steam, I couldn’t resist. It’s taken me a whole other year to get to play it! Gack!

This is Sherlock. Currently at the house of a Marquis looking for a missing necklace. A simple case that ends up getting complicated after it’s solved. Dum dum DUM!

The game has voice over and text. Plus each conversation is saved and can be looked at again if needed. I love all the awesome detail. 🙂

The game gives tips during this first crime, which is very nice! (Coolest aquarium ever right?)

So pretty!

And analyze you will!

Player Interface screen. It is currently showing the city map. You click on the round icon to choose to go there.

Watson is there as well. You sometimes get to move him around instead. And there’s also Toby! Woot! (Something I loved from the previous game I played – you get to be the hound for a case! Heh heh)

Murder of the Bishop. The plot thickens!

Such lovely stained glass windows! And the solar is beyond the doors.

Hope you have a productive Sunday!

Virtual Tourist – The Vanishing of Ethan Carter 1/29/17

Survived another week, yay!

Realized I’d forgotten to share more pics from this game.  Can’t have that! It’s so pretty!

Vanishing of Ethan Carter

They do have the most gorgeous skies ever!

A flashback into Ethan’s past. Kid’s fort now turned super creepy.

The woods that are in the back of the small town.

An odd cemetery and church nestled in the woods.

The side of one of the crypts.

Front of the crypts. With all the rocks it looks like graves were hard to do, and so they created vaults?

A vision of the cemetery. There’s something I need to find.

The church by the cemetery. It has a Viking vibe to it, no?

Grave marker?

Front of the church. With a good view of the bell tower.

Hope you have a fruitful day!

Virtual Tourist – Dishonored 2 1/15/17

I’m half asleep this morning. Let’s see if I can be coherent. 😛

Dishonored 2

Leaving Dunwall and heading to Karnaca

Emily has just met the Other. My daughter refused his powers (she’s crazy!) I did not. So like my father, I’ve been branded by his mark.

Emily already looks matured by her experiences. All side info or flashbacks are done in this style.

Lower hallway in Meagan’s ship. Well worn.

My first view of Karnaca. Look at that sky! Gorgeous! And the water!

View of Karnaca from the other side of the ship.

A more inland pointed view from the right side of the ship.

The main meeting place on the ship. The two boards behind Meagan fill up over time as we figure out targets and things get done.

In the last game, the problem was the plague and rats. This time around it’s blood flies. Too much glare to show you a good pic of them yet, though.

Look dead center on top of the water – a whale!

And here it is diving! What a sweet and unexpected little treat!

Stay warm out there!


Virtual Tourist – Final Fantasy XIV 1/8/17


Final Fantasy XIV
Lancer Class

So much anger in this one… Poor guy.

My armor. Got it colored. Came out pretty good, no?

From a different angle.

And another. lol.

Had to get the new armor to go back and finish this. 😛

Truly tragic that it ended this way. 🙁

And I graduated

Awesome looking castle no?

That’s some super fancy Chocobo armor, no?

Deepvoid Deathmouse

Hope your Sunday is nice and toasty!

Virtual Tourist – Deus Ex Mankind Divided 1/1/17

Happy New Year, ya’ll!

Happy New Year

Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Fountain area near one of the smaller train stations in Prague. Old and new mixed together.

Check out those tattoos!

Throughout the game, you will find electronic newspapers. Gives you a peek at how some stories are getting spun and what’s going on around the world. 😛

The Time Machine is an antique book store. It’s sad to see what the hoodlums did to it. 🙁

Hidden lab and hiding place for the guy who can fix my augmentations. Black market service.

The master himself. A little weird, but knows his stuff. 🙂

Augmentation screen. All the blurred ones are augs Jensen did not know where in there. Someone has been messing with his body without consent… Again! (Poor guy)

Cool 3D image, no?

Garden in the sewers of an underground cult. These poor people are brainwashed by continuous bombardment into their heads. 🙁

Another section of the place.

Hope 2017 brings you lots of joy!

Virtual Tourist – Dishonored 2 12/25/16

Morning, all!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Dishonored 2

Meagan Foster, captain of the Dreadful Wale (Not a misspelling but a hidden meaning I think) – a friend of Doctor Sokolov and my way out of Dunwall.

My last look at home before heading off to Karnaca – the birthplace of my father and where I need to go to rescue Solokov.

Wake up on the ship only to realize I am about to meet the Other.

So eerie, no?

And there he is. He offers Emily the same thing he offered Corvo in game 1 – otherworldly powers with which to fight my enemies.

Whales, the universe is made up of whales. Still super creepy!

Corvo’s current state.

What is likely to happen to everyone with Delilah in charge.

Emily’s dead mother, the Empress Jasmine. She will help guide me much as she did Corvo after she was assassinated.

Jasmine’s heart – the last pieces of her soul trapped within. Before us, those who have plotted to destroy all with Delilah at the center.

Hope you have a fabulous day with you and yours!

Virtual Tourist – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 12/18/16

Morning! Hope you’re keeping warm!

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


One of the neat things about the Deus Ex universe is the cool posters. All sorts are out there. Propaganda, movies, and more. 😛

All sorts of secrets and passageways can be found in the sewer.

The local police. Some are more honest and less rude than others. There’s a major crackdown on augs for their papers.

Some lovely cobbled streets. And get a look at the snazzy cars! 🙂

Local convenience store.

This is an add incorporated into an awning. Freaked me out the first time I saw it. lol.

Inside of another local business. Love their window!

The rock to the left is dangling by wires. Modern art concept? And yes, this part of town has graffiti everywhere.

A better view of the dangling rock.

This poor place has taken a major hit. Right now it is crawling with angry mobsters. It’s an antique bookstore. Also, it houses a buddy specializing in augmentations and might be able to help me get mine back online. 😛

Have a good day!

Virtual Tourist – Dishonored 2 12/11/16

Life continues to be a bucket full of chaos! Whee!

Think I am going into movie withdrawal. lol.

Dishonored 2


View from the ledge outside of Emily’s room. Time to escape!

There’s always interesting paintings all over the place. Some you can even take for cash. 😛

Map of Emily’s small empire. It’s amazing the amount of anguish it has handled over the years. Plagues, corruption, assassination. I’d want to move. 😛

The Safe Room in Dunwall Tower. Now to escape to the streets.

Armed and dangerous! And about to discover the carnage was not just inside the tower. 🙁

My city. It looks so peaceful from up here. But it is just an illusion…

Beautiful, isn’t it?

I’ve no idea what kind of animal that is. Have found it in several homes, so it’s common, but something about it makes me go “Ugh”. 😛

Whale oil. It glows now. Not sure that’s a good sign. (The keening of the whales is as loud as the citizens being slaughtered. So haunting…)

Finally made it to the docks. The ship to the left my possible means of escape from the city.

Stay warm out there!

Virtual Tourist – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 11/27/16


I think I’ve finally gotten the upload issues resolved, even if it was like pulling teeth. 😛 Yay!

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Prague – Jensen’s place

Jensen’s bedroom in his apartment in Prague.

A good view of several of his augmentation. (We get a shower scene if you have him turn on the shower! hee!) There’s a lot of appliances you can turn on and off in the game. (Sometimes it opens things!)

Full view of his bathroom and him in the shower. 😛 His is one of the nicer ones you’ll come across.

The view outside from Jensen’s sink. Love the old European flavor. (All the red symbols on my stuff is showing damage I took from the bombing. Jensen is not doing well at the moment.) (All the awesome augmentations you just got used to in the beginning mission are gone! Wah!)

View into the dining and living areas of Jensen’s apartment. Loved the cool sunlight striation as it flows into the room.

Jensen is sitting down to watch the news and enjoy some coffee.

The Picus Group still controls all broadcast information and likes to spin them any way they like. Eliza is back, but this one is NOT our Eliza. She’s 2.0. (In the last game, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the AI started thinking on her own and tried to help me.) (One of the side missions this time around, gets them reacquainted. So, if you see one of the electronic posters glitching, make sure to check it out! :))

Jensen’s TV can also be used for phone calls. Sarif is Jensen’s old boss. He didn’t make good choices last time, but this time seems to want to make it up to me. 🙂

Jensen’s apartment building. Most of the tenants are augmented. They’ve not been having a lot of luck lately.

Just put a drug dealer down with my tranquilizer rifle. (My favorite weapon aside from the “Q” takedown.) He landed in such a weird position I had to take a pic. Heh heh. Can’t say his decor is overtly appealing. Hee! Here’s where you start hearing things about a drug called neon.

Local thug and black marketeer. Go to guy for buying and selling stuff. There are other people you can buy and sell to in the different city areas. Not everyone has the same stock. But he lives in my building, making for convenience!

A high view of my street. 🙂

Hope you have a great Sunday!