At least once a year, I go with a friend to a musical. This years big musical was Wicked. Wicked is based on a book which takes an alternative view to the actual facts that worked events up to where you see them in the Wizard of OZ. (So I would not suggest you take young children to this only because it will change the way the look at the movie forever.)

The actresses and actors were totally awesome! The music score is pretty catchy as well. Totally adored the mechanized dragon they put at the top of the stage opening. Also the way they created magic effects, while simple, were very effective. Top of form were the two ladies playing Glenda and the Wicked Witch. They were marvellous! And Glenda has never been more blonde! lol.

The only thing I was not happy with was the piece of the plot that sets the Wicked Witch on her path (She’s not Wicked it’s just the PR portraying her that way). Supposedly the animals, which here talk and are as intelligent as the humans, are regressing. Their ability for speech stripped away. Yet aside from the weather witch, no one else seems to have powers, therefore how were the animals being stripped of theirs? While they point to OZ and his groupies being the culprits, it is never explained how they managed it since they don’t have magic (another reason Elthaba was going to be used, because she did have some.) But aside from this, they did try hard to make other things plausible and fit it to the time line of the original Wizard of OZ.

So overall, it was definitely worth seeing. If you get a chance. Check it out!