ConDFW just completed its 5th year this past weekend. For those not in the know, ConDFW is a Dallas, Texas Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention.

Despite the tons of rain, all the guest panels seemed to be very well attended. Conversely, the dealers room was dead! Was quite weird. But the concom told me the two seem to flip from year to year for no reason they’ve ever been able to pin point.

I did still sell 4 books, so that covered my cost of the shared table. Phew! Luckily Yard Dog Press, which was also in attendance, did much better on the book selling front. But then again, when you have 10+ Yard Doggie Authors on hand to sniff out customers, of course they will come! lol.

Met a bunch of fellow authors that it is a always a pleasure to see and had some good conversations with them as well as several fans.

Looking forward to coming back in 2007!