The Man Who Tried to Get Away
by Stephen R Donaldson

Premise: Mick “Brew” Axebrewder is in the hospital, recovering from the gun shot wound he received from El Señor’s bodyguard. Calls start coming in warning Brew that El Señor is not feeling forgiving on the fact Brew killed the man who shot him. His partner, Ginny Fistoulary, has been hiding her own concern on the subject, until she shows up one day telling him she’s gotten them a cushy job that will get them out of town. They’ve been hired as security for a murder camp retreat. Too hurt and full of misery on several counts, neither questions the job sufficiently before going there. Brew sees that Ginny is attracted to one of the guests and starts agonizing that he might be finally losing her. Then the murders start. And though he was missed, it looks like the actual intended target was Brew. But now they are all stuck in the lodge, snowed in, all means of escape denied them. Brew and Ginny must find out who the killer is before it is too late.

Review: This was one twisted puppy! A bizarre yet compelling cast of characters. Some awesome discussions on mystery fiction vs. real life. More Ginny and Brew angst.Relationshipsps, sneaking, lies, and more galore! And definitely several surprises. Good stuff! 3 1/2!