Catch and Release
Staring: Jennifer Gardner, Tymothy Olyphant, Sam Jaeger, Kevin Smith, Juliette Lewis, Joshue Friesen

Premise: Gray’s fiance died during a buddy getaway. As she and her friends try to pick up the pieces after the unexpected death, unknown sides of the man she thought she knew begin to surface. As Gray comes to find out more about her lost lover, the more she also comes to know about herself.

Review: Incredibly cute movie! A totally dysfunctional group of people trying to deal, each in their own way, with their grief and the changes the loss of their friend has brought to their lives. A lot of growing up occurs in the film, as well as unexpected discoveries. Several characters must be seen to be believed. πŸ˜› Some very cute moments, and many telling looks that spoke volumes. Thoroughly enjoyed its quirkiness. ***1/2