Pan’s Labyrinth
Staring: Sergi Lopez, Maribel Verdu, Ivana Baquero, Doug Jones, Ariadna Gil

Premise: Ofelia is uprooted to the country with her pregnant mother, to join her stepfather at his command post, where he is fighting to repress rebel forces in the mountains of Spain. While there, she encounters a fairy, who leads her down a labyrinth to a faun, who claims that she is the reborn princess of the underworld. To go home and claim her birthright, she must prove herself through a set of tests before the rising of the full moon.

Review: 1) This film is NOT for kids! Please, please, please do not take young children to this film. There is some definitely graphic violence. The R rating is well deserved. 😛 2) This film is in Spanish with subtitles. While this did not bother me one bit, there are those out there who may be put off when they go in and see it is not in English. Nothing I had seen before I went to the theater even hinted at subtitles or it being in another language. So just be aware.

Very much enjoyed the film! The violence did get a little on the strong side, but it was used as a means to show the need for escapism. Ofelia is stuck in a very tense place where her new father is concerned with only two things, that his new wife bear him a son, and that he destroy the rebels. Honestly, while the Captain was a totally repugnant human being, there are hints of things never followed on showing an amazing depth and complexity to this odious man. He lives for duty and pride, but at the same time is being consumed from the inside by both. That and the legacy of his father. Enough mystery is left about the faun and the magic in the area that it is left up to the viewer as to what to believe. Most of the special effects were very subtle, but quite well done! ***3/4!!