glasshouses smGlass Houses – The Morganville Vampires Book 1
by Rachel Caine

Premise: Claire Danvers is one of the youngest students at the Morganville College. Her over protective parents fear she is too young to go to the large schools out of state. Unknown by them, however, is the fact that Claire is being picked on by the bullies of the dorm. When things get out of hand, Claire decides she needs to move out before they kill her. And so she ends up at Glass House, and meets the current tenants Michael, Shane, and Eve. Through them she realizes the town has a BIG secret, and that the people targeting her have a lot of power in town.

Review: This book was a blast! Claire is a genius and in college but still all teenager. As she is thrown into the complexities of Morganville and its darker denizens, she also has to deal with growing feelings for boys, how to get around the bullies, and figure out how to stay in school! A lot of questions get answered by the end, but she still leaves us in a nasty cliffhanger! (Rachel Caine must die! Okay, maybe not, but can I choke her a little?) Fast paced and loads of fun! ***3/4!!

Tags: Book Review; Gloria Oliver; Glass Houses; Rachel Caine; Young Adult