Premise: Two years after the death of her husband, Lisey is finally getting around to cleaning out the converted barn where he spent so much of his time creating books and short stories. Yet as she begins this ardous task, Lisey runs into a couple of problems – resurfacing memories of things she thought she would never have to remember again, and a man who has taken it upon himself to threaten her on behalf of an educator wanting to get a hold of her husbands papers.
Review: I totally loved this book! Though as will be explained in a following post, a lot of it has to do with the fact that Stephen King has put in a lot of stuff in this one for others of the craft. Don’t get me wrong though, despite the fact I found a subcurrent to add way more enjoyment and content for me, it is still a great read for anyone else too. He does his usual evil hints that keep you going as you get flashes of what will be coming and feeding you just enough to wet the appetite. Also loved how he structured the time element to demonstrate the concept of pool time (time being like ripples on a pond) rather than time being a liner thing. Up to one point you have 3 points in time all tied/affecting each other. Very nicely done. ***3/4!!!!!

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