Meet the Robinsons
Staring: Daniel Hansen, Jordan Fry, Matthew Josten, Angela Bassett, Laureie Metcalf, Stephen J Anderson, Adam West, Wesley Singerman.

Premise: All Lewis has ever wanted is a family. However, somehow, no matter what he tries, he is never picked by any of the couples who come to the orphanage looking for a boy. His time is almost up. So he decides the only thing he can do is find his original parents and that they will now be in a position to take him, unlike when they left him at the top of the orphanage stairs. To do this, he invents a Mental Recall machine. He takes it to the science fair, where he will use it for the first time and see his mother. However, he meets a strange boy called Wilbur, who says a man in a bowler hat will be after Lewis. And that is when everything starts going terribly, terribly wrong.

Review: There are two versions of the film out. One in regular format, the other in Disney 3D. If you can, definitely go see it in the 3D. This movie was an utter blast! I have not laughed so hard in a long time. Lots and lots of very subtle jokes, many of which are definitely for the over 35 crowd. Frank Sinatra and Las Vegas references, old stereotype villains but with many twists, not the least of which was a pot belly. A great time travel yarn! **** (Hubby Rating – Worth Full Price of Admission)

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