summerworld coverSummerworld
by Serdar Yegulalp

Premise: Dr. Hirofumi Gô received a postcard from a patient who has been dead over three years. In the card, Masuda invites Gô to join him for a couple of days at a resort in Echino. Though totally impossible, Gô recognized the hand writing as legitimate. Masuda – Gô’s one truly heartfelt failure as a psychiatrist. He feels he has no choice but to go find out what’s going on.

Review: This is a fun psychological and action packed tale. When Gô goes to the resort, he finds that somehow he has managed to enter an unexpected world, one which can be shaped by the survivors into amalgamations of past and present. Gô gets pulled deeper into the mysteries, embroiled into politics and maneuverings for power as he seeks to find his friend and also learn more about what is happening to the world he knew now that the veil between realities has broken. Mr. Yegulalp does a wonderful job with descriptions and giving you a real sense of this new Japan. His characters live and breathe, and their sentiments come through as they and Gô unexpectedly shape each others lives. A neat look into expectations and what makes people tick, as well as things gone terribly wrong. Looking forward to where Mr. Yegulalp will decide to take us to next. ***1/2

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