I tried to look up a definition of the word subconscious and sadly found the answer to be somewhat lacking. Per The Free Dictionary it means – The part of the mind below the level of conscious perception. Though I suppose the fact that the definition is so vague does somewhat imply how little we truly do know about the subject, but I still had hoped for something a little more concrete. πŸ˜›

Well, anyway, mine has been a little quirky lately. After quite a spell of no dreams (didn’t even realize I hadn’t been dreaming till it started up again), they’re back. Must say I rather missed them — once I actually noticed that is. And back with a vengeance they are too. Not just one or two a sleep period but pretty much constant the whole night. I honestly think that cold back in October just got everything out of whack and only recently are things truly going back to normal. And I think the old subconscious is trying to make up for lost time. Not something one would think of, that’s for sure.

Anyway, what got me thinking about doing this post was a weird habit my subconscious decided to pick up when it came back with dream mode. At my house, I’m the one with the alarm and then after I get up I turn on the light and go feed the cats. The light wakes up hubby. (A much better way than me calling out to him, as that method scared the crud out of him 1 out of every 10 times. heh heh. He also seems to be impervious to hearing the alarm on my side.) Well, my tricky subconscious decided that if it was anywhere less than an hour before time for the alarm to go off and I needed to go to the bathroom, it would use the alarm sound in my head (even in the middle of dreams) to let me know it was time to go. Weirdest thing ever!

I physically had to look at my clock and check the time to make sure the thing really wasn’t going off. It copies the alarm exactly, even to how it feels hearing it when asleep – that whole seems like an intrusion part.

Of course since I was going to write about it today, it didn’t do it this morning! The thing is playing with me! Not sure if that’s a good thing or not. Or what it says about me. heh heh.

So keep your mind open… Your subconscious may be out to get you! Bwahahahaha (Yes, I am getting plenty of sleep and not on any stimulants. Thanks for asking!) Heh heh heh.

Gloria Oliver
Unveiling the Fantastic

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