Let’s start this weeks picture-rama with super cute!

IMG 0123
Ran across this scene by pure accident at my brother’s home. It was too cute not to grab a pic and share. πŸ™‚

Now for something scary. Shared by @marthawells1 – An ice covered lighthouse You’ll catch a cold just looking at this thing! Brrrr

Then back to something awe inspiring! Shared by @BadAstronomer – Milky Way’s (almost) identical Twin. (Real nice Galaxy pic!)

IMG 0124
Tiny footprints in the snow! We had a White Christmas on 1/9/11 (Sickness, travel, and other issues forced my side of the family to have a late get together) and we found these little foot prints. Thought they might be the squirrels, but then saw these tiny black birds with white bellies actually moving by hopping around rather than flying. Too cute!

From @ChuckWendig – I swear his Chihuahua is saying “How chu doing?” Brows rising and falling. Hee!

From @NasaGreen Glob Space Oddity! Or a Space Frog!

Shared by @torbooksGhost Busters Wedding Cake! For reals! So cool!

IMG 0125
Subaki and Mythril sleeping and propping each others with their heads. Adorable!

And speaking of cats… Shared by @torbooksHow to Steampunk Your Cat! Steampunked kitty drawings and pics

Shared by @petapixel – Deep Space photos taken from a backyard. Totally awe inspiring!

And because we can NEVER have enough CUTE! Shared by @JaneLebak – It’s so tiny! Cutest baby possum EVER!

IMG 0126
The sunset looked like a rainbow. Not sure that the camera caught that though. πŸ™

From @NasaTriungulum Galaxy! Pretty!

On a sadder note… Shared by @petapixelQueensland, Australia flood pics. Way way too much water. Reminds me of the floods in New Orleans after Katrina. Brrrrr.

And last but not least…the train that got in my way after work. πŸ˜›

IMG 0127

Have a great day! Feel free to share some of the pics you’ve taken or been impressed by in the comments section.