Got a bunch of good stuff this past week. Even several contests!
So let’s get started!


Shared by @DelReySpectraFree Book contest from Ari Marmel

Shared by @torbooksSteampunk Adventures is holding a writing contest. Submissions due March 1st.

Shared by @DeidreKnight – Chance to win $100 gift card. Share what’s the riskiest thing you’ve done for love and win! (Not sure on when this expires! Doh!)

From @yabookscentralManga Giveaway at YA Books Central. One is even a How To!


Shared by @tweetheart4711Mini A-kon in Feb! Denton, TX!

Fan Fun

Shared by @jimsissyColleen has been doing chemo and lost all her hair. She decided to have a contest for people to photoshop hair for her. Some of these were awesome. (Didn’t see them on her blog. Hopefully she didn’t just post them to twitter…Bah humbug…)

Shared by @ChuckWendigPandemic article at Wired. Multi media experiment at Sundance and beyond!


From @ChuckWendigChuck’s first days playing Minecraft – if you’ve ever played, this post is even funnier. Heh heh (Poor Chuck) Fun game, simple, but addicting in its weirdness πŸ˜› (Do not be drinking when you read this. It will come out your nose! You’ve been warned! Heh heh)


From @WNDRWolfPodcast Round Table Discussion with Odin1eye and Richard Green

Shared by @GloriaOliverBroadPod – BroadUniverse January podcast with readings by author members


Shared by @MichaelPata – The first Mammoth cloning experiment is officially underway – Cool!

Shared by @mattstaggs34,000 year old bacteria found ALIVE! And Kicking! Even reproducing! Totally amazing.


Shared by @torbooks – New trailer for Game of Thrones! Sweet~!

Writing Advice

From @KristenLambTX – The Character of the Successful Writer–A New Level or a New Devil?

Shared by @rachelcaine – The skinny on books being made into movies – misconceptions dashed!

From @ChuckWendig – Thoughts on Rejections and Reality – how to beat both!

Shared by @jafurtado – Are you a Moral author? by Richard Curtis – New contract clause at Harper Collins

Shared by @ChuckWendig – Reading aloud to edit – I need to do this more often myself!

Shared by @KristenLambTXParenting, Writing, Life! How do you fit it all in?

Shared by @KristenLambTX – Some tips on writing a Press Release that will get attention

Shared by @inkyelbows#amwriting Website. Tons of resources and also explains what hashtags are and more! (I need to make a presence there!)

From @KristenLambTX – 1st in a series – Twitter Tuesdays. Twitter for Authors!

From @dknippling – How to play the Writer Lotto!

From @KristenLambTXThis is NOT the Blog You’re Looking For -how to avoid being that guy…

From @ChuckWendig – Like the preachings of the Church of DBAA and Yard Dog Press – Don’t be an asshole of a writer but still be yourself

Phew! That’s an awful lot of good stuff I scrunched out of this week! Dang! Enjoy!