Hi, all!

This will probably be a pretty lame post. Despite all my grand plans, life has contrived to do what it wants and not what I want! (Not that this is anything far from normal, mind you! Heh heh)

Work has been super busy, meaning I couldn’t go look at blog posts or pictures, and the last two weekends have been full. Not that either is a bad thing. Just puts other things behind.

Two weekends ago it was ConDFW. I had a great time. Reconnected with a ton of friends. Was even lucky enough to have been on three panels with the Guest of Honor, Brandon Sanderson. (More books to possibly add to the already precariously tall TBR pile.)

This weekend, I went as an attendee to the DFW Writers Conference. There were some awesome classes and lots and lots of authors totally focused on doing pitches and networking with other writers. I had a mixed bag in that I had some not good things happen (left my suitcase at home, tried to go through the wrong toll-tag booth, set up the alarm clock at the hotel and it didn’t go off so I was a half hour behind schedule, a friend got sick), and then some super awesome things (Candance let me join her and others for lunch, Pat grabbed me and dragged me to dinner, met and connected with some great peeps, met @KristenLambTX and @ColleenLindsay in person, got to tease Alex).

Meeting Kristen Lamb was a little surreal. I didn’t even realize it was her when I showed up for the building a platform class. Then it was like POW! So I had to grab my iPhone and Tweet about it and threw in @ChuckWendig while I was at it. She and I talked for a minute about him and here I was holding a face-to-face and a virtual conversation with people who’d just been names and letters on Tweetdeck before. Very cool!

And for you writers out there, keep your eyes and ears open to find out about Colleen Lindsay’s Sekrit Projekt. I’m trying to get into the beta of this very exciting project, which I think could be a great boon to aspiring authors and even published authors everywhere.

I did get to see a movie this past weekend on Friday, but had to get up so early on Saturday I didn’t get to do a review. (Heck, I couldn’t even watch the Supernatural episode for this week! And it looked like a doozy! Season 6 is better than Season 5 somewhat – yay!) But I will have this upcoming weekend to myself, so hopefully a lot of catching up will occur (despite the fact there’s deadlines and unexpected projects looming! Eek!)

So wish me luck getting back on track. I’ve a feeling as close as several conventions fall this year, there might be more than one instance of lameness coming my way! Eek!

Have an awesome week, ya’ll!