This might be a little of a whirlwind. Got more pics than usual (not that I am putting them all here, so you’re safe) and am running behind (as usual) so I’m slapping these on quick! πŸ˜›

IMG 0208
Loved the embossing on this building. It was too cool and you just don’t see that type of thing often. This ended up being for a Korean restaurant called The Chicken House. Tried it on a whim and it was so GOOD! Everything was Super FRESH! We left there stuffed to the gills. πŸ˜›

IMG 0205
Aha! Agent P (aka Perry the Platipus) was on a mission during AggieCon! Hope Dr Doofenschmirtz was stopped in time! Hee!

IMG 0198The Wisteria at the Hilton in College Station blew me away! Our monster plant is a wisteria but it never blooms like this.

IMG 0197

And this is the main plant/vine all those flowers came from. One plant! It’s mind boggling.

And here is the thick layer/field of clouds that graced my view on the way to AggieCon. Within a couple of minutes it was gone! So my timing was perfect. πŸ˜›

IMG 0196

I think that’s it for this time. Enjoy!