Another week of fun and helpful stuff!

Fan Fun

Comediva suggested we all check out PMS Adventures. Girl Superheroes where PMS is what gives them POWER! Bwahahahahaha!

George Takei shares with us his autition tape for Broadway’s Spiderman! It’s pretty funny. Love the Indiana Jones move at the end. Heh heh.

Freshmen, a Super Hero comic book project from Seth Green and Top Cow, is now avialable for download.

Author Platform/Social Media

PamMktNut shared a post from YourCustomer about 3 Ways Facebook Questions can help your brand. (A new doohikey tab in FB. (Now if only I could come UP with some good questions and answers. lol)

From Kristen Lamb and Twitter Tuesdays come – Use Twitter Like a Pro, Not a Bot.

CidTyer shares Twitter Pet Peeves.

Be A Shark in the Waters of Social Media – guest post by Fred Hicks over at Terribleminds. Great stuff!

Brianne Villano talks to us about The Simplification of Facebook Pages for Authors and Newbies. Good tips!

From Writer’s Digest – Elements of a Sucessful Fiction Platform. I swear the work of an author is never done…

Writing Advice

Roni Loren gives us The Ten Commandments of the Successful Author. Many great points!

Character Development from Rosemary Clement-Moore.

Karen Dionne tells us that For Career Authors, Staying Published is the Real Challenge.

How Dungeons and Dragons can help us be great novelists! (All genres!) By Kristen Lamb. (As long as you don’t try to publish your D&D adventure.) 😛

The Writer Who Is Also A Parent – Advice on time and life and more! From Chuck Wendig.

Jami Gold asks Can Karma Help You Become a Better Writer?

Enjoy, ya’ll!