IMG 0274
Tollway photography! lol. Sun looked too tempting to ignore.

Pixmarket shared this cool flower pics called Firewheel. Taken by D Robert Frantz.

IMG 0275
Loved the light and shadow play in the sky for this one. You can even see the rain way off in the distance. PacMan eating the sun. 😛

Torbooks shared this link from blastr – Shotgun-riding Chewbacca Dog. Too cute!

And a new microcosm pic from Chuck Wendig that came out too cool! Tree On An Alien World.

IMG 0278

This was the skies on Sunday. Also the beginning of an experiment! The one above is a normal picture. The one below is a composite made with the photosynth app. (First time using it! Kinda cool!)

IMG 0279

I figured the sky was too ominous to be taken by one narrow picture. Weird no? I think I will be using this sucker more. Bwahahahaha!

Have an awesome, picturesque week!