Have conventions two weekends in a row, but luckily I do prep these ahead of time. Let’s see how much I can shove in here while still keeping myself sane. πŸ˜›


FanofMovie found a clip talking about Jamie Campbell Bower lading the lead in “The Mortal Instruments” movies.

John Dep shared a link to Neatorama – 18 Seriously Cool Bookshelves. Some of these really are COOL!
John Picacio shares a sneak peek at the Hound from his 2012 A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar. He does gorgeous art, peeps!


TweetNewbie101 shared 5 Great Tips to Facebook Marketing Success! (Need to finish one of these now that the book is out!)

From Jami Gaold – Branding 101: Online Brand vs Author Brand. Really nice insights! And breaks it down if you’ve any confusion on the topic.

Reality Deficit Disorder – Is it you? Kristen Lamb speaks! (I have multiple blogs but they’re all the same content so not sure I apply. Heh heh heh)


Chuck Wendig points out How to Tell if You’re a Writer. (Mostly true, but definitely funny! I do not meet the alcohol requirement. Does that mean I am not one? Oh noes!!) (NSFW)

Discovering Your Characters – Kimberly Krey talks about a nice method to connect with your characters if it’s not happening on its own.

Kristen Lamb uses the movie Finding Nemo to teach us about Scene Antagonists – The Making of a Hero.

In Defense of Keeping the Day Job by Jennifer Jabley. Makes a great case for why it might be better not to work full time.

3 Signs That You’re Renovating A Condemned Novel (and how to try to fix it!) by WriteItSideways.

Rachelle Gardner encourages us to Write Your Truth. Very good points in here. The diversity she’s talking about I’ve even seen in just a small crit group. Opinions can be varied and wide!

25 Things You Should Know About Story Telling from Chuck Wendig. Great list! (NSFW)

How to actually apply Write What You Know by Janice Hardy.

Nice back and forth on What’s A Newbiew Novelist To Do by Randy Ingermanson. Covers traditional vs self -publishing if you’re new. Excellent points and things to weigh on.

Laying It On The Lie: Commonly Misused Words by Janice Hardy.  Some nice ways to remember which is used with which too!

Okay, that should do some damage. πŸ™‚  Until next time. Bwahahahahahaha!