sOh yeah. Con last weekend. Which means I am chuck full of pics to share. Strap yourselves in for a ride! (Hey, I didn’t take the real camera, so it won’t be THAT bad. Heh heh)

IMG 0313%255B1%255D
This was the unescapable breakfast of DOOM. Had been having a craving as I’d been seeing the bloody things everywhere. So being at the airport super early gave me no excuse not to indulge. Even after they weren’t ready and I had to wait. (*shifty*)
Good thing though, because this helped keep me alert and from gnawing my arm off after we reached Oklahoma City and found out the airport was in the middle of a bomb scare. I did a quick (ipad – oh my the spelling issues!) write up that night you can read here.

IMG 0314
Nifty art stuff outside of the OKC airport. Loved the glass pyramids.

IMG 0315
The Doctor taking his leisure at the con. Taking a break from all that Time Traveling. πŸ™‚

IMG 0316
Theme of SoonerCon was Heroes and Villains. As Toastmaster, Selina Rosen took her role very seriously. In this photo you can see her Fat Ninja Persona disguise. Yes, those are Batman symbols on the short. *giggle*

IMG 0317
The SoonerCon ConCom! Those to be thanked for setting up all the fun! Thanks ya’ll – was a blast!!

IMG 0318
Selina doing her Toastmaster bit as she regales us with tales of her Fat Ninja daring do! (The gentleman who’s head I will keep photographing was also stuck at the airport and had to stay longer in his plane – ugh – Aaron Allston.)

IMG 0319
A very bad picture of Mr. Tim Powers, the Guest of Honor. Got lucky and ended up on a panel with him on God, Faith, and Fantasy.

IMG 0320
A not quite as bad picture of Darrell K Sweet, the Artist Guest of Honor. Got lucky enough that some Yard Doggies yanked me to eat dinner on Friday and then they yanked Darrell over to join us. Was a blast!

IMG 0321
Jeffrey Turner and his super helper, Mary, starting to gear up to film a short for BOTA – Bubbas of the Apocalypse for Yard Dog Press. The Sheraton had a closed up mall area we got to use and it was also the site of the ConSuite and Green Room. (I was helping out as PA/Running Camera person – for Zombies!)

IMG 0322
Just watch Mary concentrate. She was so cute!

IMG 0323
Traci in her “acting” outfit. She did awesome.

IMG 0324
Another look at the huge space Jeff was going to do all this in. Had to go to the opposite corner as the light plugs on this side did not work.

IMG 0325
Props and more!

IMG 0326
Setting up a scene. Traci will be seeing Yumbies (Yuppie Zombies) walking out in the street and try to alert the others there could be trouble.

IMG 0327
Camera set up for scene as Traci practices.

IMG 0328
El Director!

IMG 0329
Scientist (Frank Summers) with a Clue and the Queen of the Flamingoes, waiting for their turn at movie magic!

IMG 0330
Sherri Dean and Zombies! We were able to abscond with most of the Zombies from SoonerCon’s Zombie walk to help out on part of the film. Great costumes!

IMG 0331
The stage and those waiting as lighting is changed.

IMG 0332
The indominable Sherri Dean! She does some mean gum chewing!

IMG 0333
Bill Allen in costume or is he? I missed his part but he and I got to giggle a lot watching the others go at it.

IMG 0334
There was music all over SoonerCon. Group set up in front of the Dealer’s Room and also had several for lunch in the ConSuite. Quite nice!

IMG 0335
Ryan the Zombie leader. He set up the Zombie Walk. Had really a kick ass costume. Wish the phone had done better on this one. Waaahhhh

IMG 0336
Ms Tiddywump.  Oh yeah. She’s hilarious. Need a profile picture next time to you can see how much more of her there is. Her telling of Jack and the Bean Stalk is hilarious! (Laura Underwood in disguise!)

IMG 0337
The BORG! You shall be assimilated.

IMG 0338
Resistance is futile!

IMG 0339
Ah but then the Jedi’s came! Woot!

IMG 0342
And they were ready to boogie!

IMG 0343
Yes, that’s exactly what you think it looks like. Cracked me up. (Next to him is a Steampunk Leia Organa)

IMG 0344
Han Solo ala Steampunk. So he has a blaster, you see. Heh

IMG 0345
This cracked me up! An undead Scrat!

IMG 0346
OKC’s Jedi contingent peeps.

IMG 0347
And last but not least, a cool sculpture at the airport.  Heh heh.
Until next time!