Two conventions in two weeks means another rushed Mind Sieve. lol. (Thank goodness for pre-prepping!)


So cool! From Wizard World Got 10,000 Legos? Let’s Build a Star Wars Sandcrawler.

AJ Walker speaks about Vampirism in Ancient Egypt. What fun!

This is totally cool! One less hurdle for long term space exploration and living. Rubbish-Dump Worms. Now they need to tackle bone density degradation. Woot!

FansOfMovies shared this article from Total Films on 50 Greatest Kung Fu Movies.

FanOfMovies shares the latest preview for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Looks fantastic!

Super 8 Clip for How To Be A Zombie.  She’s really quite good! lol. Very much looking forward to this one as well!

Geek Furious not only gives us definitions for Nerd and Geek but also a Top 10 Geek Shows You Should Watch. (I don’t agree with all these and some I’ve never heard of. But to each Geek his own!) πŸ˜›


 Sacred Cow-Tipping: Why Writers Blogging About Writing is Bad by Kristen Lamb.

Tony Eldrige gives us 10 Truths About Self Marketing, Like It or Not. He’s pretty much dead on the money as far as I can tell. This stuff is not for the faint of heart. πŸ™‚

Jull Keremer shares 17 Simple Steps to Build a Fiction Platform.  Good stuff!

Kristem Lamb tackles the Power of Positive Tweeting on Twitter Tuesday!


Chuck Wendig talks about Why YA Rocks!  Which it does. πŸ™‚ (As always with Chuck – NSFW!)

25 Things You Should Know About Character by Chuck Wendig (NSFW – I think it might be a Chuck Sweep this week!)

Jenny Hansen shares a ton of books to help with writing on More Cowbell Monday! I’ve read two or three of these, but she way has me beat!

And Chuck Wendig puts it on the line when he spouts Six Signs It’s High Time To Quit That Whole ‘Writing’ Thing. Big truths here, peeps – WORD.  (And still NSFW) πŸ˜›

Till next time!