I got a ton this week. Let’s see how far I get. πŸ™‚


FansOfMovies share a link today to a film I’ve been waiting for for a long time – John Carter of Mars!

Gene Lempp shares ancient tales of the Devourer, Myth and Nightmare – chum for our imaginations taken from history. Sweet!

FansOfMovies shared a link to the first look at The Hobbit’s Dwarves!

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JonMolina shared a link to a preview of Batman: Year One. Eliza Dushku is doing the voice of Cat Woman. YES!

Patrick Thunstrom expounds on Hellenic Greek Fashion! If we could get a runway and some fashion models, this would be the bomb!

Torchwood is back on Starz!  But if you’ve never heard of Torchwood and want the quick lowdown, Amanda Rudd has done it for you.

FansOfMovies shared a new clip for the Smurf Movie called “Toy Store Part 1“. Come on, you know you wanna see it!  

Big Casting news from Buddy TV for “Supernatural” and “Firefly” fans! Jewel Staite will play in the 3rd episode of Season Seven.  Coolio!

Simon Pegg let out the news from SFX that Bruce Campbell confirms that he will be in EVIL DEAD 4. Groovy! (The original link no longer worked, but did find another story at SFX)

Gene Lempp talks Sacrifice and Cannibalism – and who wouldn’t want to? Huh? (Great segue from Evil Dead 4 too, I just realized. lol)

Hollywood Reporter has info and trailer for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.  Looks good!!!


Karen Harrington tells us the Two Items Needed In Every Author’s Book Promotion Toolbox as a guest blogger at Marketing Tips. (I loved her energy!)

Chuck Wendig gives us his take on Google + in a post entitled of Google-Plus and Circle Jerks. (NSFW) (Feel free to add me to your circles – I’m already in there even if still mostly clueless – as per usual.) πŸ˜›

Kristen Lamb warns Beware TADD (Twitter Attention Deficit Disorder) on Twitter Tuesday. (I stick to Tweetdeck at home and TechHit at work as it incorporates with Outlook.)

Kristen also tells us An Indie Cinderella Story for WANA Wednesday.(Dang! DANG! I need a clone, I need a clone BAD!)  Waaahhhh!


Candance Havens has a nice little post on The Courage to Create.

Rachel Gardner explains the different types of editing and shows and example of The Editorial Letter.  (Excellent post, peeps! Good to know what each type of edit means.)

Kristen Lamb tackles Struggling with Burnout? Word Poop Happens. (Good stuff here too!)

Fae Rowen wrote a great post on World Building: Part 1 – Physical Setting. (Just remember not to drown in it! There can be too much world building. :P)

Chuck Wendig once more cusses out the truth in The Trials and Tribulations of the Modern Day Writer. (WORD! Lots of truth here, peeps!) (Oh, and in case you forgot about Chuck – NSFW) πŸ™‚

That’s all folks! Happy reading!