Have some of my own and some other cool ones I ran across that I thought I’d share. Food for your eyes!

IMG 0397

I know I keep saying this, but man, Texas skies can be so varied! V for Victory!

IMG 0398

I found a new sushi place (okay, my daughter found a new sushi place) in Frisco called Sushi Envy.  Rather than just a sushi bar, they work on the sushi conveyor belt system. I’d eaten at one of these in Japan, so thought it was great we got one here. Sushi was marvelous!

IMG 0399

You can see one of the chefs in the background. The dishes in front are the moving sushi plates. This is the main menu.

IMG 0400

Secondary menu for drinks. Some cool drink names like  Bloody Ninja. Heh.

IMG 0401

 Wind did not cooperate on this one. Where I work, they change the plants seasonally. Thought these was too cute. Kind of work in a surreal way like this. heh

IMG 0403

Cool statue/metal work at Medical City in Dallas. Been around forever. I hadn’t been to this hospital in ages.

IMG 0404

Ah, yes, the latest in Tres Chic neck wear (reason I was at Medical City) – gauze, tape, and stitches. You saw it here first folks! πŸ˜›

Now for some pics I ran across to share with you!

From Jerry Davis – Too Cute For Mere Words.  She’s so CUTE!!!!!!

DSC 8122

NASA’s Image of the Day – Through The Astronaut’s Eyes.

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ParkerXL shared a link to where they show of some Beautiful Black and White Photography. Check it out! Some of these are totally amazing. Here’s a taste.


Nancy Cavanaugh has been going photo crazy and has set up free picture ebooks on all sorts of subjects – from turtles, to flowers, to butterflies and more! Here’s one of the covers:


That plumage is gorgeous!

Toby W Neal shared a filtered pic for his cloud of the day.

814372b6f5e74db2a2357eefe9edf062 7

This was very cool! The First Portrait Picture Ever Made. And he’d pretty nice looking too! Self portrait even!


That’s it for this week.  If you have pics you’d like to share, put them in the comments section! I likes to look at the pretties. πŸ™‚