Not many pics from me this week. But some cool stuff from elsewhere to share.

IMG 0417

For hubby’s birthday, we went to our favorite hibachi restaurant, Jinbeh, and I actually had enough presence of mind to take a pic of our favorite past!

IMG 0415

Onion flaming volcano, anyone? Heh heh

IMG 0416

So much fun! Just wish they’d not cut back on the vegetables. Hopefully it was just a miscount. Veggies are the best part aside from the rice. Mmmmmm.

ScifiGeeks shared this pic – The Ultimate Death Star Dress! Love the Tie Fighter clip on. Hee!


Ethan Nate shared this article from Dicover Magazine with this awesome pic of a spiral galaxy.

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Last but not least is a post from Light Stalking about 41 Sublime Subway Photograps.  Here’s a taste.

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