Time for sharing some pictures!!! Woot!

It was actually too dark this past week, with all the clouds. But still managed a couple. 

IMG 0545

IMG 0546

A tilted view of the South Gate of Angkor Thom by David Henderson.

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A super cool collection of Star Wars pics in modern settings by Cedric Delsaux.


From NASA’s image of the day – When Galaxies Collide.

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A Master Work Spanning 40 Years and One Island – Jack Delano’s Puerto Rico.  A bunch of black and white photos of Puerto Rico and its people. Some very interesting shots.

BBC’s News In Pictures: October 24, 2011. Several way cool pics in this slideshow.

Shared by Chadbourn is an article from Yahoo for Breathtaking British Landscapes.

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And 40 Photographs That Will Make You Smile.

smile photography 1

Weird Al Yankovich dares you to find him in this picture! 😛