Welcome back for another Mind Sieve experience! Bwahahahaha!


Weird preview of a movie called The Ghastly Love of Johnny X!

Maya 2012 Apocalypse Conspiracy Blown Wide Open! from the History Blog. Yes, let the paranoia sing! Cracked me up! lol

Creating Artificial Muscles More Powerful Than Anything In Nature from EarthSky.org. There’s even a cool 2+ minute video talking about it. Sweet!

Prelim info for a new Philip Gardiner film called His Name is SATAN.  New take on Jack the Ripper from 1888 to 2012. Sounds kind of interesting!


From TL Jeffcoat Weapons Weekly – The Shikomi of the Ninja! Take that Pirates! Bwahahaha! (I am ever of the opinion ninjas can be pirates (they are spies after all) but pirates cannot ever be ninjas.) πŸ˜›

This was too cute! 12 Tips For A Cat-Safe Christmas by PetFlow. Now none of my cats over the years has ever tried to climb the tree. Play with the dangling bits, eat the silver strings, but not climbed it. For that, we had ferrets. Myaka brought the tree down many times. Crazy thing! Heh heh.

What It Looks Like Inside Amazon.com from Matt Stopera. It’s like looking at the warehouse from Indiana Jones. lol. And unlike warehouses I had to do inventory counts at, this one is super clean! Sweet!

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The First “47 Ronin” Photos With Keanu Reeves and Jin Akanishi from Crunchyroll.com.  Seems they’ve changed the story line of the 47 Ronin legend to include an Anglo. lol. I’ll be there though. I’ma sucker for samurai stuff.

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From the History Blog – Ancient Egyptian Leather Chariot Trappings Found. Quite cool really! Never realized they’d not had a mostly intact set before!

Maintaining Crew Health One Step At A Time from NASA and the International Space Station. Honestly, totally fascinating. There are so many variables we never think about regarding space and how it affects those up there. 

7 Life Lesson You Can Learn From Star Trek by David Borgenicht. Oh yeah!

Richard Castle has published his very fist graphic novel –  Deadly Storm. Yes, from the fake author who’s brought you the fun reads of Heat Wave, Naked Heat, and Heat Rises – Richard Castle is now getting into comics! lol. These guys kill me. Heck, just visit the website if for no other reason to read the synspsis of Richard Castle’s non-existing other books and the synopsis on the website and covers. You have got to love these people! lol. 5 pages of non-existent books! 5!!!!

Ah an ever creepier trailer for The Woman in Black. Eek!

This is rather cool! Especially for the writerly types. From Flavorwire and Romy Oltuski – Famous Authors’ Harshest Rejection Letters.

From Design Taxi – Using Only Paper, Artist Crafts Stunning Sculptures. They really are!


Designing From Bones – Port of Discovery by Gene Lempp. Ancient Egyptian pet cemetery in a port city? Who knew!


5 Reasons to Sign Up For A Writers Conference by Sarah Baughman. Some good points! And if you can’t afford a fancy writers conference, there’s always your fantasy and SF conventions. They have writers’ tracks and some even have workshops. And they’re a great place for networking as well. πŸ™‚

From Rachelle Gardner – How To Write A Terrific Author Bio. Some great tips!

My Social Media Survival Guide by Jenn Reese. Yes, YES! #3!!! Number 3!!!!! Lol.

Be A Tweep Not a Tool – How Hashtags Can Win Friends and Influence Enemies by Kristen Lamb.


Writers Learn the Waiting Game by Steve Laube – Great post on the waits thrust upon us as authors and there’s no way to get around it. πŸ˜›

Chuck (NSFW) Wendig hits it out of the ballpark yet again with his 25 Things You Should Know About Your Completed Novel. Booyah!

Wonderful post to get across by what is meant by How to Show (Not Tell): A Writing Lesson by John LeCarre from Mary Jaksch.

Nice short blog post by Nathan Bransford on Every Writer Gets Rejected.

The NaNoWriMo Epilogue: “Miles to Go Before You Sleep” by Chuck (NSFW) Wendig. He’s totally on TARGET, peeps! I’ve seen too many people think that the end of November is all there is to this. Nuh uh. You’re only getting STARTED! Bwahahahahaha!

Okay, I’ve reached my eyeball limit. Have an awesome week, ya’ll!