I knew there were blogger awards out there, but honestly hadn’t paid much attention. So imagine my surprise when Gene Lempp mentioned giving me one on Twitter this past weekend. Squee!

Here she is in all her beauty…

kreativ blogger small1

It seems there’s a protocol to follow once you get one of these, so let’s see how badly I can botch it. πŸ˜›

Oh, and in case you’re interested, here are the rules for presenting others with the award.

1) The Kreativ Blogger image must be displayed on the blog.
2) The nominator must be acknowledged.
3) The recipient must state ten things about himself or herself that his or her readers probably don’t know.
4) The recipient must pass the award along by nominating at least six blogs to receive the award.

Ten Things About Myself You May Not Know! Dum Dum DUM! (Err, quickly rummages in cobwebbed filled brain for something to put on the list.)

1) I’m actually terribly shy.
2) Which means you won’t be surprised that I am a total wallflower at parties.
3) Hate doing “Hard Sales” because I loathe trying to force people to buy something they might not want. (Yes, shooting myself in foot in this business, but I’m weird. And I live better with myself this way. heh)
4) I’m always wishing I had a clone, but not sure where I would put her.
5) I somehow destroy beta readers. Still trying to figure out how I’m doing that…
6) I love delicate things but have a hard time from keeping them from getting destroyed.
7) I’ll wear jewelry, clothes, shoes, until they’re dead. Then be sad about it.
8) Cannot work on something and watch TV at the same time. Have no idea how my daughter does it.
9) My husband insists I am psychic. I keep insisting he’s a psycho. (He likes that for some reason. Huh)
10) Never ever auto follow me in an MMO. Not only am I Wrong Way Conway, but I’ll somehow inadvertently make you fall off cliffs. (Especially if I don’t know you’re following.) πŸ˜›

This next bit I am going to fail on. Since I get most of my post viewing from Twitter, there are few blogs I actually go to on my own on a recurring basis. So on that lame note…here are some nominated winners for  Kreative Blogger:

1)  Chuck (NSFW) Wending – recipes, memories, macro photography, writing tips, writing motivation, gaming industry, publishing industry, alcohol. Chuck is all over the place. No idea how his creative brain cells don’t burn up into the ether. πŸ˜›

2) Kristen Lamb – loads of social media and writing tips, but what wins her, in my opinion, the Kreativ award is the wide and insane range of pics she uses to put bling into her blogs. Just went over there to get her blog link and this beauty is what I ran across.

screen shot 2012 01 23 at 10 41 44 am

She must troll for hours to find some of these beauties. heh heh.

3) The History Blog – all things history. From the mundane to the outright weird. Treasures, museums, discoveries, and more.

I’m supposed to have three more…and that’s where I failed. πŸ™ Once I post this I am sure I’ll think of more. Hah! (As usual.) Doh!

Thanks Gene for the extra WORK! lol. (No, really, very flattered. Thanks!)