Man On A Ledge


Starring: Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Anthony Mackie, Ed Harris, Jamie Bell, Genesis Rodriduez, Edward Burns, William Sadler, and more.

Directed by: Asger Leth Written by: Pablo F Fenjves Original Music by: Henry Jackman

Premise: An ex-cop escapes from prison after being denied any more appeals on his 25 year sentence and sets in motion a desperate ‘all or nothing’ attempt to prove his innocence. (PG-13)

Review: I was worried this one had given everything away in the previews. Luckily there were a few bits they didn’t spoil and the cast was fun to watch.

One thing I do wish they’d not done (and they’re not the only ones) is cast a familiar actor on a seemingly super small part. This is ALWAYS a flag that things are not as they seem. So in a way, they shoot themselves in the foot, because then it’s not really a surprise when they show up again later because you already know it’s coming. But if you’re not an avid TV or movie watcher, this will probably not make a difference.

Lots of nice little touches, especially with Joey and Angie. And the extra story line and depth added by Nick specifically requesting Lydia Mercer and the reasons behind it did much to deepen the film.

A little suspension of disbelief will be called on for one item, but the rest was believable.  A lot of fun to watch the plan slowly unfold and the layers within it. Though there was one of the hitch which did bring to mind that if they’d trained to do this as they stated, would Angie really have had the problem she had? Mmm.

Some twists and turns. Great work on Sam Worthington’s part about being on a ledge that high up. They did a lot of stuff/jokes on New Yorkers, and the crowd really did play a part in the film in several instances, which was also fun.

Some gun play, several unexpected comedic moments, paranoia, parallels, and more. A fun watch.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (No hubby rating – he’s out of town for work)