Recovering from the con but prepping this before hand. Heh heh heh.


Michael Shanks!!!! Saving Hope – new series from NBC. Woot!
gorgeous new prometheus poster online now 103157 470 75
Cool new Prometheus poster from Total Film.
More Prometheus extra content. It’s almost here!
Arrow Teaser Trailer – new TV series for the CW. Not starring Justin Hartley 🙁 Though Stephen Amell looks like he can pull it off. Also has Paul Blackthrone (Dresden!). 
450px Cursing Stone, Carlisle 916217
Medieval Mondays: Cursing Stones from A J Walker. 
Imperial Walker Walker
An Imperial Walker walker from 22 Words.
Beauty and the Beast trailer another CW Fall additions.

Designing From Bones – Royal Mountains Majesty from Gene Lempp.

From Jami Gold – What Are You Looking For In An Agent? Good food for thought here!

Author Platform? But I’m Just Starting To Submit from Darcy Pattison.

From Chuck (NSFW) Wendig – Revisiting The Fevered Egos Of Self-Publishing.