Happy Wednesday!

IMG 0787
Sometimes Texas just has some awe inspiring skies!

IMG 0788
Caught red handed! Serenity and her kitty litter crack habit. You can see the traces of guilt on her mouth and nose. For shame!

IMG 0789
No idea when or why this was, but looked kinda cool, so here it is! lol.

IMG 0790
Neat sculpture in the building where I got a CT scan. My insides feel just about the way too. 😛
If H R Giger Were A Pastry Chef, His Cakes Might Look Something Like This – from iO9. Sculptures by Scott Hove. Funky but cool looking cakes, no?
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allen2 mini
Pulp Fiction Photos Using Book Covers from PetaPixel. Photos from artistThomas Allen. Cool!
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652368main mars iotd cropped 946 710
Opportunity’s Selfie from NASA. Cool long view of Mars terrain. 
May the rest of your week be awesome!