A new week! Here we go!


Something new Zachary Levi and his Nerd Machine – Trailer Park Heroes Pt 1 (A ton of fun and familiar faces!)

The Star Wars That I Used To Know (Parody) from TeddieFilms

Hyde Park On The Hudson Movie Trailer – This looks like it will be a lot of fun!

Another cool proposal! This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend With Internet Memes. Hee!

atreus and thyestes

Designing From Bones – Eaten By Theme from Gene Lemp. Part 3 of his Cannibalism series.

Robocop (2013) “Omnicorp Product Line” Viral 1 – Sweet! Omnicorp also has a website now too. 


The Aging Of The Storyteller by Kait Nolan. Nice blog post!

Beware The Plot Bunnies by Kait Nolan. A call for help! lol.

Wow, first week ever I didn’t have a pre-grabbed bunch of links to look over before hand. Eek! (My back up plan seems to have worked, however, yay!)