Let the fun begin!








Teaser for the Google Art Project. This video is fabulous!



Dr Who Season 7 Trailer from the BBC. Dr Who and Cowboys! Bwahahahahaha!



Slime Mold Growth Using Time Lapse – 1 of 8 videos featured at Cracked.com – 8 Sped Up Videos That Shatter Your Idea Of Ordinary Things



Supernatural On Location 7/31 – 30 second look at location filming. Interesting.



Paranorman’s Olympic “Nailed It” TV Spot. I skip commercials on the DVR, but I went back to see this one. Hilarious! Way to do marketing! lol. 




The Other Dr Who Season 7 Trailer – Daleks, Dinosaurs, and Cowboys oh My! (Weeping angels too!) Woot!



Cloud Atlas Trailer – I’d not heard of the book. Long trailer but give it a couple of minutes. Starts out slow then speeds up! Looks freaking awesome! I’m so there!



The Dark Knight Returns Animated Trailer – Based on Frank Miller’s future vision. Read this eons ago. Rocked then, will rock harder now. Booyah!











Critique Comments – Remembering To Give Them Time from Becky Levine. Way good advice this. I know I set the critiques notes I get aside for a week after getting them, to let them stew and to distance myself from them. 😛


The 5 Mistakes Killing Self-Published Authors from Kristen Lamb. (And this is why I have to have a publisher, even if small. I want editing! Heh heh.)



Really did stumble on some awesome stuff for this week! Sweet!