Have several odds and ends this week. 😛 (The week after a con is chaos!)

IMG 0840
Now that the season is changing, the sun is coming up and going down with better timing for pics! Heh heh

IMG 0841
The sky was very funky this day.

IMG 0842

IMG 0843
You have to see the larger size (though it still didn’t do it justince), but there was sap on the window and it was shining like diamonds in the sunlight.

IMG 0844
Fencon was this past weekend. Missed taking pics of the really cute costumed kids. Doh!

IMG 0845
It’s had to tell, but the coat of the outfit was incredibly detailed. The whole ensemble was gorgeous!

Step father does woodworking. These two photos are of some of his latest creations. Won some awards too! 

I thought this one was super cool.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!