I’m soooo tired…lol. Between the work move and Fan Days all weekend…TIRED! lol. Let’s see how cohesive this post is, this time around. πŸ˜›


Official Teaser for Carrie – Stephen King’s novel is getting a movie remake. Oooo!
Phantom – the official trailer. Ed Harris! David Duchovny! Subs!!!!
The Impossible trailer 2 – Ewan McGregor! Definitely will be a multi hanky movie.
Gangster Squad Trailer – 1940’s LA.
Dr Who: PS Series 7 2012. If you love Dr Who and have seen the parting with Amy and Rori, you have to watch this scene that had been scripted but never filmed. Have a hanky handy. 
A fun time lapse video from Spaceman 42 – Animefest 2012 in the Dealer’s Room. Keep an eye out for the Mushrooms. πŸ™‚ It’s set to the perfect song too. Heh heh

From Chuck (NSFW) Wendig – 25 Things Writers Should Know About Conferences and Conventions. Great post! Though he didn’t mention the #1 most important thing – GO to them! Heh heh. They’re good for you.(Even if you’re shy.) πŸ™‚

From Lisa Hall-Wilson (who kidnapped Kristem Lamb’s Blog) – How To Get Unfriended, Ignored, and Blocked on Facebook.

Yay! I think this post actually made it out! Woot!