Happy Halloween!

Ran across a lot of unusual stuff the last 2 weeks.

IMG 0857
Beautiful wall behind glass at the Thai Box.

IMG 0896
Work moved to some suites closer to HQ. They have a bunch of funky decorations. Love this centerpiece in the lobby.
IMG 0898
A lot of giant pots with rocks.

IMG 0899

IMG 0900

IMG 0901
Why no…I don’t know why their horns glow. lol.

IMG 0903
Cool doors of one of the tenant’s

IMG 0904
The boss wanted to kidnap this one to spiffy up the office space when we had some peeps over. Heh heh. 

IMG 0905
My grandmother would have gone gah gah for this.

IMG 0906
My Mom sent me this so I could share. 🙂
waterfall photo tips2
A How To article on photographing water. Has some nice pics too! Over at Picture Correct.

Have a great one!