Two events two weeks straight! Struggling to keep up. Whee!

Did play a little though. 🙂


D021613 1
Decisions, decisions. I know there’s a way to get past the electric archway, just got to find it!

D021613 2
Aha! I found it. Then I stumbled over this. Heh.

D021613 3
Interesting Ad.

D021613 4
This looked especially cool. 

D021613 5
The evil electrified archway. Avoided you. Nyah Nyah! (Way harder to just go through it than the first time. So avoiding it was bliss.) 🙂

D021613 7
The skull with the crown was totally an unexpected sight. 

D021613 8
The Cat Bathhouse. Looks mighty plush.

D021613 6
Really a spectacular building. Someone is making some nice money. 

That’s it. But don’t worry. Should be drowning you in virtual tourism again next week. 🙂