Mind Sieve 2/25/13

Back to normal! Woot!
Did you miss me? Heh.

Feed Me from Simon’s Cat – The ending just about killed me. lol. My cats are way more patient. Heh heh

Homemade Preview for Star Trek’s Into Darkness. What’s really weird is the longer you watch it, the more you fall for it. Weird! 
It’s even freakier when they do a side by side comparison! lol.

Tor.com has a fun blog post about Nathan Fillion and taking Valentine requests on Twitter. Too cute!

Fast And Furious 6 – dang! Everyone is ramping up the explosives! lol.
The Big Wedding – looks cute!

E-Publicity: Notes on My E-Séance With Grace Wright (Part 1 Twitter) from the In Retrospect Blog.

Facebook Graph Search Review: How It Works by Chris Treadaway at the Social Media Examiner.

Woot! Back in the swing of thing. Yeah!

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