Ugh. And I thought my post of a week or two was lame…

I normally prep this post on Thursday night in case of conventions during the weekend. This past Thursday though I got derailed but figured since I’d be home Saturday, I’d just add it to the giant To Do List. Was getting stuff done, when suddenly around 9 pm my lower back muscle started complaining – a lot! Pretty soon I was in some pain so had to give up on working. Sleeping was tough too. Still hurts on Sunday morning. What’s weird is I didn’t do anything strenuous Saturday. I couldn’t have pulled a muscle. Really hope it’s not shingles! Eek!

Wish me luck!

Vamp U Official Trailer. Vampire College Comedy…hmmmm
Family Weekend Trailer – this one looks interesting. lol.
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2! Woot! Tacozilla nearly did me in. lol
Okay, I gotta go now. Wheee!