This past weekend was AllCon!
So of course I had to take pics. 🙂

IMG 1047
I LOVED this! Multi-generation Star Trek. 

IMG 1048
Sebastian from Black Butler.

IMG 1049
This guy made a great Colonel from the SF TV show who’s name I’ve yet to be able to recall. Loved that he had an led light in the tube to the Molotov cocktail to make it appear lit. 

IMG 1050
Amazon Athena? She was all glittery! Mean looking spear too.

IMG 1051
Loved this one too! Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. Even to the frost on his hoodie. 

IMG 1053
Cruella De Vil – she looked Fabulous!

IMG 1054
Sand People!

IMG 1055
Bucky! So cute..!

IMG 1056
Sam and Dean Winchester! From the episode where they got sucked into the TV shows by the Trickster. These two did like 3 costume changes through the day (Couldn’t get pics! Wah!) In the Medical Show, regular civies, and in their CSI costumes with the sunglasses from the same episode. I thought I saw Bobby Singer join them later in the day. Heh heh.

IMG 1057
Sith Cheerleaders! The 501st was in attendance doing all sorts of panels, games for the kids, and more!

IMG 1058
Bjoran Hogh Priestess outfit. Photo does not do it justice. Wah!

IMG 1059
Iron Man was also in the house! He had working lights on the hand gauntlets too. Several incarnations of Tony Stark running around.

IMG 1060
Though Pan Am only lasted 1 season, it obviously made an impression on some peeps out there. She looked great!

IMG 1062
Louis from the Vampire Lestat.

IMG 1063
A little vampire action too!

IMG 1064
Incredible detail on this costume! Photo does not do it justice.

IMG 1065
Look at those wings!

IMG 1067
Is this not the cutest outfit ever? There were a lot of dolls. I heard there was even a costume contest for the dolls. I saw several wiz by that were utterly amazing! One had multicolored feathers wings and another 3 foot span dragon wings. Wish I’d been able to get pics!

IMG 1069
My Little Pony was also heavily represented. 

IMG 1070
Ack, wish it had focused better. I couldn’t help but think of this as Star Wars ala The Wizard of OZ since the costume set up is in the same vein as the lion and the scarecrow. 
Yeah, I forgot to bring the good camera. It’s amazing how the phone camera can do awesome one minute and not so much the next. 😛