Morning All!


Planes Teaser 1 (Different from the one released at theaters!) It’s so Top Gun. Hee!
This is old but I’d not seen it before. A Despicable Me Mini Movie – a minion work intro video. Hee! So cute!

The Wolverine 2013 trailer. They’re doing the Japan back story – woot! I am so totally there. 🙂
If you didn’t catch it Saturday, here’s the opening scene of Orphan Black. (Haven’t watched it yet myself. On the DVR though!)
White House Down Trailer 1 – must be the year to destroy Washington DC. lol. 
EPIC Trailer 2 – I am so there!
Okay, I wasn’t going to put in any more then ran across this one… HAD TO SHARE! Despicable Me – The Home Makeover. ROFL


Successful Author Presence – Do You Have It? From Kristen Lamb. Great post!

Amazon Buys Goodreads: The Hidden Impact On An Author’s Book Sales by Johnathan Gunson. Some food for thought!

For a ton more compiled writing and social media blog posts, check out Gene Lempp’s mashup for 3/30/13. (That’s a lot of reading! Oi!)

Have a fabulous week!