Allergies are finally ganging up on me. Body is losing the fight…nooooo!
Let’s see how far I get.


A Song About Someone by Charlie. Young love…so cute!
“Scream and Shout” as Les Miserables “Dream And Shout” a parody from Rather cute and rather snazzy!
Ran across this by accident and sounded too weird not to check out. lol. Space Janitors Ep 1.
Da Vinci’s Demons – new show on Starz this past weekend. We liked it!
Now You See Me Official Trailer 2 – should be a ton of fun!
Elysium Official Trailer – SF for the win!


How To Use The New Pinterest: What Marketers Need To Know from the Social Media Examiner. Nice, comprehensive, and detailed instructions! Yay!

4 Ways Google + Communities Help Authors Build Their Platforms – guest post by Marcy Kennedy at Gene Lempp’s Blog.


Guest post by Robert Brockway over at TerribleMinds aka Chuck (Still NSFW) Wedig’s blog – Writing Is The Easy Part. He’s so not kidding…And actually writing a good novel is already hard! Oi!

Authors of the Digital Age – What It Takes To Be a Real Author CEO from Kristen Lamb. More truths and reality checks! Huzzah!

For even more sources of posts on all sorts of topics helpful to authors and more – see Gene Lempp’s Writing Resources 13 April 2013 post.

Sweet! I was able to make it! Have an awesome week, everyone!