What an insane week it’s been! Next looks to be worse. Wheeeee!


N130512 02
Ooooh! An elf!

N130512 03
Look at that gorgeous sunshine streaming down into the sewer. Nice work!!!

N130512 04
Coolest sewer grate EVER! I want one!

N130512 05
More awesome sunshine beams!

N130512 06
Look at those clouds and the misty distance. Mmmm

N130512 07
Does make Merchant Square look rather ominous doesn’t it? This town has had it bad of late.

N130512 08
Into the breach!

N130512 09
Found us a secret room/area!

N130512 1
They use skulls in all their decorating!

N130512 10
Merchant area in the better part of the city

N130512 11
Love the dome on this building!

N130512 12
Hall of Justice overview.

N130512 13
Spawn point in town. Very busy spot.

Have an awesome Memorial Day weekend!