With the holiday, work, and A-kon coming up this weekend, this week is insane!
But I do have some pics to torture with anyway. Heh heh.

IMG 1108
Beautiful flower arrangements at HQ’s Baby Shower for one of the accounting peeps.

IMG 1109
Close up of the gorgeous blooms!

IMG 1110
These I found at the satellite office. They always make me nostalgic for Puerto Rico, as we have these there all over the place.

IMG 1111

IMG 1112
Funky decor at the local Cheesecake Factory. (Wish I liked their cheesecake but nooo)

IMG 1114
They have a weird mixture in the decor. Some of it fab, like these – others almost comical. 

IMG 1137
Rosebud at home.

IMG 1139
My first attempt to bring something in my brain into actual reality. I’m not a crafts person, so this result did not surprise me. heh heh. Supposed to be a baby dragon. Hubby says it looks like a spicy pistachio. πŸ˜›

IMG 1140
Cool Chinese Dragon at the local buffet place.

IMG 1141
Same rose bud now bloomed. Wind not helping in taking the pic!

IMG 1142
The rose and orange tint on this bush have always fascinated me.

Have an awesome Wednesday!