Got more toursity pics for ya’ll! 🙂


N130526 01
The sure have huge spaces in the sewers around here.

N130526 02
Loved this courtyard

N130526 03
Orc decorating techniques.

N130526 04
Orc lady. Much nicer than many of the others we meet here.

N130526 05
You can glimpse the weird floating debri from the tower.

N130526 07
Orc have gone all out here.

N130526 08
One of the baddies in the Tower.

N130526 09
Another one. Mean looking aren’t they?

N130526 11
Here’s another. Had to play with all three to show we meant business. 😛

N130526 12
Nightmare horse that can be won from opening a special chest series.

N130526 13
War Horse!

N130526 14
Armored Worg Mount. Nice!

N130526 15
Armored Arachnid mount. Totally NOT for me. *shiver*

N130526 16
A wizard’s home.

N130526 17
Piece of the city that started to float away but they were able to stop it before it went too far. Cool place.

N130526 18
Inside the establishment on the floating island.

N130526 06
Closer view of the Tower and the pieces floating around it.

N130526 10
More orc decorating. Ewww.

Have an awesome Sunday!