Yeah, no movie review today – sorry!
Life was too hectic to squeeze an extra one the last few weeks, or I’d have had ya’ll covered.

This weekend I will be a panelist and vendor at SoonerCon!

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Loads of fun to be had there this weekend! Been looking forward to it.

Below is my panelist schedule:

Friday 2PM C Space – Diplomacy in Speculative Fiction:  Why isn’t everyone killing each other?

Friday 4PM Joyner – It Keeps Me Young:  Why YA Makes Great Reading For Adults


Saturday 10AM B Space – Science in the Victorian Age

Saturday 2PM F Space – Cinema So Far: 2013 in Fan Genre Films

Saturday 3PM Theater – Yard Dog Road Show! (Must be seen to be believed!)

Saturday 4PM F Space – Build A SyFy™ Saturday-Night Movie


Sunday 10AM 10 Forward – Koffee Klatch – schmoozing with the guests!

Sunday 11AM F Space – British Invasion: U.S. Television and the Union Jack (Eek! I’m the moderator!)

Sunday 2PM Rice – Reading – Yes! Come hear me stumble over my own dribble! Hah!

Sunday 3PM F Space – Tolkien’s Fantasies on the Silver Screen

I’m gonna be BUSY! 😛