Happy Monday To All! (Yeah…I know…But we must delude ourselves! :P)


Snowpiercer International Trailer – very weird premise. Should be fun to see how they pull it off!
Another weird premised film – The Box Trolls!
Continuing the weird premised theme – Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 Trailer 2!
Pacific Rim Trailer 4 – it starts this weekend!!!! Woot!
Delivery Man Official Trailer – more weird premises! Looks heartwarming though. 🙂

This is FREAKING AWESOME! Homemade recreation of the Star Wars – “Deathstar Trench Run.” The guys mouthing the music were AMAZING! I got chills, peeps, chills! lol
Totally Adorable! Simon from Simon’s Cat working on his Gromit statue which is to be used on Gromit Unleashed – 80 Gromits, 10 weeks, 1 City to raise funds for the Bristol Children’s Hospital. How cool!

Quick article on what the hey is Google’s Penguin 2.0 – Do Not Fear the Penguin by Mike at Deets!List Training.

5 Steps to Ensure Your WordPress Blog is Secure by Marko Saric over at ther Social Media Examiner


Rowing With One Oar by Gene Lempp – Great post on writing through the holiday and keeping our focus. And he’s also got a ton more writing resources this week too – Writing Resources 06 July 2013.