Oddball stuff today!

IMG 1179
One of ChibiChain’s (my daughter’s) latest creations. She made this at SoonerCon and it even sold at SoonerCon! Sweet! She’s been adding stuff to the chainmail and getting some unique, one shot items. 

IMG 1180
This is author Jane Fancher’s cuties! Wiishu and Pukishuu. Totally adorable dolls! She’s done a bunch of Wiishu posed stories on the website which are ADORABLE!

IMG 1181
Had great fun with R Lange sitting across the way. I can’t find his info! Darn it. He drew the above about my daughter. So cute!

IMG 1182
Cool statue we found in front of the Mellow Mushroom
IMG 1184
Couldn’t fit him all in, so did him in pieces. lol.
IMG 1187
Love the metal pizza slice. 🙂

IMG 1185
Coolest and weirdest bathroom tiles at the Mellow Mushroom.

IMG 1186
This lamp was from there too. Isn’t it wild?

IMG 1174
My bro sent me a pressie! Cracked me up. Candy and Yoda wisdom all in one package. Yes, he talks. Heh heh heh. 

IMG 1176
 Saw him getting spray painted for this Japanese Ogre costume. The pics do him no justice…sadly….

IMG 1175
And I tried twice! Wahhhh

Have an awesome week, ya’ll!