It’s an oven here in Texas. Though they say there’ll be relief this upcoming week. *fingerscrossed* Anyway…

Not the final mission like I thought. DOH!

D130711 01
Leaving the tower after a successful mission

D130711 02
Celebration of my victory and of getting the Empress’s daughter her throne back. Though something I overheard had me raising a brow.

D130711 03
Turns out my spidey sense was right. I’ve been poisoned! Nooo! (Betrayed!)

D130711 04
Face to Face with the man who took the Empress from me.


N130707 02
Apothecary’s shop – nice carpet! Lots of lore books there.

N130707 03
Side view at the Apothecary shop.

N130707 04
Yes, bad things are going on at that tower.

N130707 05
The merry band of adventurers!

N130707 06
Funniest Rat Shopkeeper ever!

N130707 07
Rat lair

N130707 08
Big Cheese’s place

N130707 09
Some seasonal content.

N130707 10
She’s got the weirdest mask ever!

N130707 11
Time to track down the evil sorcerer at his lair.

N130707 12
Yes, he’s definitely up to no good in there.

N130707 13
A statue puzzle to open up a secret entrance. Kinda neat.

N130707 14
Loved the look of this hole, the light vs darkness, the vine. Nice work!

N130707 15
One of the baddies in our way.

N130707 16
Giant broken statue inside the staircase. 

N130707 17
Isn’t it pretty?

N130707 18
Different shots of other parts of the broken statue. Totally awesome even in pieces.

N130707 19
Stained glass window/door

N130707 20
The broken statue’s face.

N130707 21
Evil elf sorcerer and his spell in progress.

N130707 22
He does have flare!

Running way behind this morning. Wheee!