Morning all!


D130718 01
The land of chaos once again. Short visit only though. Before I wake up in the flooded zone of the city

D130718 02
The assassins collection of wanted posters. lol.

D130718 03
View from the outside of an old whale oil refinery.

D130718 04
New weird plants to deal with. They are motion sensitive and shoot acide balls. Luckily only in the area before them. Can’t kill them with a knife, have to blow them up. But surprisingly, you can get money from them! 

D130718 05
One of the dilapidated buildings around the oil refinery.

D130718 06
This area is really not doing well. Which is okay as I’ve come across more documents on how they conduct business and it’s EEK!

D130718 07
View from the oil refinery tower. The docks are virtually gone.

D130718 08
Loved the look of this inside the refinery. Very Jules Verne.

Have a fabulous day, ya’ll!