We moved offices a week ago as stage 1 peeps. I overheard the office manage say something about possibly holding a photo contest once all stages of the move were complete. She specifically mentioned black and white photos. I thought, hey I can do that! And so I snapped a couple of color pics of the mostly empty space and fired up my old old copy of photo shop elements for some fun.

These are the results…

The original hallway color pic.

Here is the same pic with the Abstract mod. Almost like modern art.

This one is my boss’ favorite. It’s kind of creepy too. I used a Plastic mod. It’s as if the office got shrink wrapped

This is the second color pic. The few windows in the space are covered by an ivy trellis. Really nice. But no windows for me. πŸ˜›

Black and white version

With a Crystal mod. Had to increase the size as it was hard to see

This one is the Emboss mod. Had to tweak it to make it more prevalent.

This one doesn’t look like it’s been modified unless you enlarge it. It’s the Mossaic mod. 

See you next time!