I enjoyed WorldCon, but I am so very glad to be home as well. So behind on so many things! Wheee!

Angry Birds Star Wars
Cloud City
Hadn’t played in a bit but when I opened it there were new updates. With the new updates were new puzzles! The story now continues in Cloud City!

130905 01
Can’t wait to see what skill they gave Lando. Heh heh heh

130905 02
Definitely fighting in the clouds.

130905 03
The smoke exhaust on the side? It will push you up! 

130905 04
Bouncing in the air to get those hard to reach targets. Whee!

130905 05
Not as easy as it looks…
N130907 01
A boar horsey!

N130907 02
Definitely not in Kansas anymore…

N130907 03
Okay, you can’t tell from the pic, but these are the coolest lamps ever! The skull is trying to gravitate away, but can’t as it is perforated and chained to the floor. So cool!

N130907 04
Morini cripts. Dang, the family does didn’t scrimp on the ancestors.  

N130907 05
Weird when the cemetery zone is more impressive than the city proper. lol

N130907 06
An actual cleric magic item in use. Protecting the zone from the dead. 

N130907 07

N130907 08
Is this not gorgeous?!

N130907 09
This section of dungeon was so amazing! 

N130907 10

N130907 11

N130907 12
Nothing there till you finally see no choice but to try to cross, then the ghost bridge appears. The beings move as you walk across. Eek! (But so cool!)

N130907 13
Things are definitely not as they should be around here.

N130907 14
Is that majestic or what?

N130907 15
Area for the big bad. Awesome!

N130907 16
Caught the summoning in a perfect spot. Zoom in to the the skeletons in mid summon and a big nasty. Sweet!

N130907 17
Other side of the big room once we could breathe again

N130907 18
The stag is for the Summer Festival stuff being done at the moment in Neverwinter. (We finally got enough cash to get horses and went back to town!)

N130907 19
Oh! Who’s the pretty kitty?

N130907 20
I swear, these people know how to treat their dead. lol.

That’s it for this Tourist trip. Hope you guys all have a great week!